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This website is to serve my campaign for 2018, Bossert for State Senate.  Then candidate for Governor, Roy Cooper is now in the Governor's Mansion.  In 2016, I ran a campaign that didn't get me over the top, but did get me a good start with over 37,500 votes.  I call that a good start.  Join me in this adventure as we work for a 2018, win.  



Wednesday, December 13, 2017 11:26 PM

Rosman - Revisited - A Letter to the Editor

On December 12th, I had the opportunity to attend the Rosman Aldermen meeting. The meeting was marked because of the concerns regarding manufactured housing in Rosman. Two of Rosman’s most sincere and good-hearted people stood opposite one another on the issue. They had a spirited debate and powerful debate.
One woman spoke with incredible passion about the struggles of poverty and the manufactured home in which a newcomer to the community was living. The woman’s faith was guiding her heart and her call for sympathy for her economically challenged new comer was framed in her own memory of having grown up poor.
The man on the other side of the issue spoke articulately and made the case for having strong ordinances that not only would make the community look better, but would also provide regulations to ensure that older manufactured homes met basic standards for safety. He argued that where they were located mattered, too. He wondered how Rosman would grow without rules about the care, placement, and safety of manufactured homes. He argued that the tax base of Rosman could not grow what with the low property taxes on homes that depreciate so rapidly. Without a tax base, he was concerned that Rosman would never achieve its potential.
Listening in to the discussion, I was struck by the fact that each of these people cared about the newcomer. They both sympathized with her poverty. They both wanted to do the right thing for her and for the community. These two, good people speak volumes about the good heart of Rosman. One had her heart in good works, the other in a good future. As I think he would point out, ‘when the tide comes in all boats rise equally.’
As a footnote, the problem that was being addressed left the Aldermen unable to offer a solution because, as the town attorney said, “The ordinance (that is in place) is unenforceable.” Ordinances matter. When people and property owners know the rules, everyone benefits in the long run.
Rosman, I know, will reach out to this newcomer.
I was so grateful to be at this meeting. To the residents of Rosman … get to your Aldermen’s meetings!  You’ll be proud of your community when you leave, and you will have an opportunity to share your ideas for what you think matters.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 11:42 PM


This candidate for State Senate is buoyed by Doug Jones' victory.  Too many people say that you can't win in this very red district.  I say that that is a lot of hogwash.  All things are possible and change is in the air.

Doug Jones can win.

Sam Edney can win.

Norm Bossert can win!

Enough listening to naysayers.  We can do this thing!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 11:39 PM

This Democrat Visited Rosman - In it to win it!

Tonight, before the Alabama polls closed, I visited the Town Hall and Aldermen (and women) of Rosman. I learned about concerns that worry some of the citizens of Rosman. I listened to both a person concerned about a new neighbor struggling through poverty and a person concerned for the growth of a welcoming and safe Rosman.

That means that there need to be ordinances to protect land and property values, and to be certain that manufactured homes are up to code for safety reasons. Two sides of an argument . . . both right. Both good Rosman neighbors! Odd, isn't it?

Everyone at the meeting made me feel very welcome and Mayor Brian Shelton gave me an opportunity to introduce myself. The town attorney shook my hand and said that he basically could not imagine that I would want to go to Raleigh. I talked about education with two of the women there and learned that Rosman is an open book, if only I do my part to open it and read!

Thanks to one and all! I won't be a stranger.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 8:24 AM

MOMS Demand Action - Fifth Anniversary of Newtown Tragedy

Yesterday afternoon I joined a group of men and women watching a screening of the documentary "Newtown." It was heartbreaking to see and hear people open their hearts to the millions who will see this documentary ... making themselves so vulnerable. As a retired principal, I had no trouble understanding what was going on in the school as all Hell broke loose in that building.

Last school year at my school we had an incident in which a crate had been locked to the bike rack, with no identification. We reacted to such an innocent event by assuming the worst. To make a long story short, the staff handled things brilliantly. Everyone ... secretaries, teachers, police, custodian, and, yes, even I did everything that was supposed to have been done. And the kids were great and cooperative, as were the parents.

After the event, the superintendent congratulated me and the staff, "This was textbook." It was. As I watched Newtown I found myself remembering that we train for that crazy person who might saunter into a school, our school. When did it become routine to be ready for an horrific event?

When did we become numb to people owning military grade weapons? When did our legislators become comfortable ignoring common sense in regulating the kinds of weapons people may own? When did we become blind and deaf to common sense background checks and training to those who want to own weapons? When?

It's time to pay attention to those with mental illness who will use guns to end their own lives. (60% of deaths by gun are suicides!)  It's time to get military grade weapons out of our homes. It's time to keep people safer. There is no such thing as perfect solutions, but if we save even one life, or stop even one madman from going on a killing spree, it will be worth it.  Remember Newtown on this the fifth anniversary of this deadly event.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 4:00 PM

Rude? A Raven? Life and Death Are Not Hyperbole!

In the last day or two, two writers entered their feelings regarding my photo of a raven and my comments about what I feel to be life and death issues confronting all of us as a result of this President and his Congress that he read on my FB.    Though both of these gentlemen were respectful in their comments, I was taken aback that one felt the photo I used was, in and of itself, disrespectful. I totally disagree with his sentiment. We are confronted with life and death decisions made at both the State and Federal level.  Their decisions will cost lives, have cost lives! 

Our Congress and President and our State General Assembly) have been dismantling health care piecemeal. Unable to get what he wanted - Repeal and Replace the ACA, the President cut the subsidies that had been budgeted to support people who could not afford health insurance. The Congress has also abandoned health insurance for our children (CHIPs) Our own General Assembly has refused to expand Medicaid. These decisions constitute a threat to the very lives of our neighbors.  By ending DACA, he has split up families and created a problem for our communities that rely on immigrant labor to bring in crops.  He has threatened those Dreamers who have made America their home, achieved degrees, opened businesses, and pay their fair share of taxes.

This is not hyperbole . . . people will die because of the decisions made by the General Assembly, White House, and Congress. If saying so is disrespectful, so be it. If the raven as a symbol of impending death is disrespectful, then so be it.

In my lifetime I have never seen a government with such tragic disregard for common citizens like myself. Instead of repairing infrastructure and supporting the poor, this government turns its back on that which could make our country function better and prepare it for the challenges that lie ahead. It turns it back on the neediest among us.

This President has emboldened racism, crude behavior, and made a daily joke of the word 'integrity.' He is caught daily in lies and promotes his lies as truth. Further, he brings us to the brink of war with North Korea, insults our allies, and now has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Too, he is threatening to move the embassy there. By so doing he has incited anger among our Middle East partners and has endangered the lives of our young men and women in uniform, as if making such pronouncements was nothing more than a 'game' of war. 

Supporters of the President argue that there is a swamp that needed emptying in Washington, D.C.. I would agree whole heartedly. I would say, though, that this President has made the swamp worse with his cabinet selections. He has made it worse with a treasonous relationship with a non-friendly state.  

Our President is the swamp he promised to drain.

To those who write and post opposing views on my FB page, I welcome respectful dissent. But I aver that we are living in a time when the powers in Raleigh and Washington, D.C. are all about increasing their power and extending the wealth of the rich at the expense of everyone else.  There is widespread corruption embedded in both political parties.  We all must do better!

There is something wrong in Raleigh and there is something wrong in Washington, D.C.  Radical politicians are the cause and an ignorant man in the White House exacerbates the problem. 

Bossert for State Senate
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