This website is to serve my campaign for 2018, Bossert for State Senate.  Then candidate for Governor, Roy Cooper is now in the Governor's Mansion.  In 2016, I ran a campaign that didn't get me over the top, but did get me a good start with over 37,500 votes.  I call that a good start.  Join me in this adventure as we work for a 2018, win.  



Tuesday, January 30, 2018 11:22 PM

On Opioid Addiction

Tonight I attended an addictions town hall in Asheville. Opioid addiction is a growing and deadly scourge. People are dying every day. Families are being crushed from the weight of it, spiritually and financially. Our prisons are packed with those suffering addictions and mental health illnesses. I was deeply moved by the speakers, the questions asked, and the current state of people who are struggling . . . in forward looking Buncombe County.


My first suggestion is the area of health. We should support needle exchange programs. Arrange for the medical care of addicts. And follow the suggestion of one of the audience who said that having clinics for the administration of opioids would save lives. The training of law enforcement and emergency services to administer Narcan in cases of overdose is critical to save lives.

My second suggestion is to build non-criminal alternatives to incarceration for those who are living in the grip of this horrific disease. Addicted people with felony records have a bleak picture for recovery.

My third suggestion is to get more counselors into our schools who can help those children with high ACES scores. (Adverse Childhood Experiences Score - divorce, addiction in the home, parents who are incarcerated, witness spousal abuse.) We know that the higher the score the more likely the child will grow to be addicted to legal or illegal opioids. Dealing with mental health issues in our schools could short circuit the destructive cycle of addiction in families.
In this short piece, I hope that I have conveyed the complexity of addiction.


My impression is that there is broad bi-partisan support for going after this problem. It is overwhelming in its scope. But now is the time to tackle it . . . to budget for it and to build our capacity for empathy through the use of Town Halls like this evening's. Thank you to the Buncombe County Commission for their willingness to look and not hide their eyes from the truth.

Let's get to work.

Thursday, January 18, 2018 7:04 PM

Hungry Children - Poverty - Where the Rubber Meets the Road

In a compelling chart, Kris Kramer of the Progressive Dem caucus in Buncombe County, showed us the childhood poverty rates in the US compared to other nations.
Well, hold on to your seats. In 2014, about 14% of the children in Buncombe County lived in poverty. In 2016 that percentage had soared to almost 24%. The Free and Reduced rate for Buncombe is about 55%. That is up from 2007 numbers by about 10%. The numbers are as upsetting for the rest of the Senate District in which I am running.
Things are just as bad in Henderson and Transylvania Counties.


We need to stop just looking at numbers. We need to look at children . . . one child at a time. As a former school administrator, I have seen too many little children living with food insecurity. Too many Homeless children, too! It is heart breaking.
Hungry children have a hard time staying awake, focusing on learning, and socializing with others.


The other political party talks about the booming North Carolina economy. The boom is not reflected in the schools. Where is the boom? Thank goodness for Manna Food Bank and Anchor Baptist Food Bank, and Bounty and Soul and so many other churches and agencies that help to feed the hungry.
You can be certain that Raleigh won't do enough to solve this problem, at least not until the legislature changes hands.  Help me change this district from red to blue.  Children need a strong advocate.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018 8:59 PM

Exciting News - We have great teachers in Western North Carolina

Today I had the honor to meet with three fine educators. We had a substantive talk (although I was entirely too loquacious.) As I got ready to leave, I asked each of them what was most important to them. You readers may be surprised with their response. Let me give you a few examples.

They were concerned about poverty and its impact on our children and their performance in school. There were worried about the need to address mental health issues with more school counselors. Class size was a biggie, too. The issue of having good administrators was addressed. There was a concern for the need for pre-school. They want up to date textbooks. Computers are not a substitute for text books.

Not one person ever mentioned teacher pay. Imagine! We candidates running for office often bring up teacher pay as an issue. We all know teachers ought to be paid as the professionals they are. Still, this was not on the top of anyone's list! In fact, it didn't even get on anyone's list. Why?

Our best teachers are people who put kids first. The people I spoke to today must be outstanding teachers. Their administrators are lucky to have them. The kids are even luckier. I deliberately do not write their names. Next time you walk into a school, I hope you think that your child's teachers are the teachers of whom I speak.


Sunday, January 14, 2018 8:26 PM

We Must End Corporate Welfare - I Support a Living Wage!

You can spend your life and never buy a Big Mac.!  Or so you think. You buy them every time you pay your taxes.

 As a backdrop, did you know that to open a McDonald's franchise, one must have liquid assets of $750,000. (Business Insider 2015) The average McDonald's franchise earns about $150,000 in profits. (Business Insider October 2017) I think it is safe to say that no one builds liquid assets of $750,000 by flipping burgers at a McDonald's.  So how exactly does a burger cook or counter server ever earn the assets necessary to become the owner?    

You... may never buy a McNugget, but in reality, you have been buying them for years. People who own fast food businesses often make a good living. They do it on the backs of low wage earners who have incomes so low that they must work second and even third jobs just to make ends meet.

In the absence of a living wage they rely on subsidized housing, food support, and emergency room health care. You pay for this. They pay for this, too. The guy making the money is the guy who owns the fast food place. He counts on your taxes to provide that which his employees need at no great expense to himself. And now, with the president's new tax plan, the wealthy will pay even less to support the tax burden they rely on to create their wealth! Ironically, they benefit directly from a sort of 'socialism' they often criticize.

If people made a living wage they would need less in the way of government provided housing and food support. Our government would need to raise less revenue, or would be able to use the revenue they have for other purposes (infrastructure or schools for example.) People would be able to be consumers.  They would pay sales taxes. That would help to raise revenue for all of us.

All that said, even more importantly, people would be able to have the dignity of independence.

Help me fight for a living wage for all those people who help you in your stores, motels, fast food places, etc. Help put an end to corporate welfare.

Friday, January 12, 2018 10:04 PM

The Power of a Single Word

This candidate for State office condemns President Trump for yet another racist comment and yet another blow to the integrity of the high office he holds.

For eleven years, I served as principal of Black Mountain Elementary School. I loved my job, and especially enjoyed the children, their families, and the people who staffed the school. We weren’t perfect and sometimes we made mistakes in dealing with issues. I know I did. Still, at the first faculty meeting of the year, every year, I exhorted my team with a simple reminder.

I always told the staff that words were powerful. “A single word,” I would say, “can lift a child or crush a child’s spirit.” I said that to my staff, not because I thought anyone of them would deliberately hurt a child, but because I knew that sometimes we humans forget the power we wield in our schools and, most particularly, in our classrooms.
It is not easy to always remember the power of our words. A teacher holds a position of power over their young charges. As a school principal, I was especially aware of the fact that of all people, I was in a position to reach into a child’s heart and hear the why’s and wherefores of their behavior. Let’s face it, mostly when I had a heart to heart with a child, something wasn’t right. It need not have been a behavior issue. It could be a self-reported bullying issue or a worry about enough food at home. It could be anything. Sometimes, I met with children who had their feelings hurt by an adult in the school as well.

Teachers can be very courageous . . . because when they make a mistake, they have such a heart for children, that they will feel compelled to model humility by taking responsibility for the things they say and do, even with the youngest of children.

This week our President once again made foolish and racist remarks. He disparaged a whole continent. He has insulted the island nation of Haiti. In the past he has insulted Latinos, Islamic people, and people of the Jewish faith as well. He has said that Nazis include really nice people. He denigrates people of color. With each insult he delivers, he damages friendships that generations of presidents have built in the best interest of the United States. Even powerful nations need friends in the world.

Clearly no one has ever told the President that his every word is weighed and every word is powerful. Clearly, no one has ever taught him to have the humility needed to take responsibility for the horrific things he says and tweets and give a heartfelt apology.

President Trump is on a downhill spiral. Sadly, this spiral makes both our country and world less safe and more volatile. Apologize President Trump!  Remember that great nations lead, they don’t need to bully. Great nations model democracy, they don’t try to crush the spirit of those who dare to disagree. Remember that according to Christian Gospel, Jesus washed the feet of the poor, he didn’t spit on them. If a man like Jesus understood the power of humility, surely you might look for some of that in yourself.

Remember that every word has the power to crush people or to lift their spirit. Try lifting their spirit. Try honesty. Your road ahead might smooth out and we might become a more unified and less angry Nation.

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