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Norm gives his perspective on issues that matter to western NC and the entire state.

A Living Wage

It's simple, really.  Anyone working forty hours a week ought to be able to support themselves and their family.  A national minimum wage makes that impossible.  So, Congress ought to raise the minimum wage ... now!

In the absence of the Federal government taking such a stand, I would push for our state to step up and do the right thing.  


Core Beliefs

I am an avid supporter of our environment.  We should end forever talk of off shore drilling and fracking ... we should clean up after ourselves and protect the community and world upon which we live.

My Views of Public Education and Opportunity Grants

The General Assembly shall provide by taxation and otherwise for a general and uniform system of free public schools, which shall be maintained at least nine months in every year, and wherein equal opportunities shall be provided for all students.  

On Charter Schools and School Choice - Where I Stand

I am not opposed to Charters and school choice, but I want a level playing field.

Connect NC Bonds--Vote YES!

The people of North Carolina have a chance to cast a strong vote for our future and that of our children by voting "YES" to Connect NC Bonds!

Slowing the effects of Alzheimers

There is a fair amount of research that medical marijuana and one of its primary chemical components, THC, may slow the development of Alzheimers.  Of course research also tells us that medical marijuana also can serve many other purposes, from helping glaucoma patients, stimulating appetite in chemo therapy patients, to reducing the strength, duration, and frequency of seizures for epileptics, for example.  

Federal law prohibits states from legalizing the sale of marijuana for any reason.  Never-the-less, many States have legalized its use and sale.  Sooner or later the courts will have to rule on the use of marijuana for medical treatments, and, yes, for recreational use as well.

I don't much care for the use of drugs for recreation (that includes alcohol.)  But I sure think it is time to revisit the use of marijuana for medical reasons.  I have been given the names of several pieces of literature in which marijuana use has been studied.  I even have discovered, as anyone can with a routine Google search, that even the very conservative Business Week has published a fairly extensive list of uses for medical marijuana.  Give it a read!

No Fracking Way!

I am vehemently opposed to fracking!


This candidate for State Senate believes that an American Republic works best when people on both sides of the aisle work together to find solutions.  Sometimes this can be messy ... sometimes it results in consensus building that can leave both sides feeling less than satisfied.  That said, both parties, both here in North Carolina and in Washington, D.C. seem to want to punish their opponents when they come into power. We should always remember that that is not in the best interest in the people we would purport to represent.  

Do your job representatives and represent your constituents and respect both the spirit and laws as stated in our constitutions.

On Confederate Commemorative Statues

I have been deliberating on the matter of Confederate statuary since listening to all the reports out of Charlottesville.  As a candidate for office in North Carolina and as a target of anti-semitic slurs chanted at that event, I wanted some time to begin to work through my anger to state a cogent and meaningful stand on this matter.

Please check on my website for what I hope is a thoughtful response to the emotionality around us.


DACA - Common Sense - Have a heart

This candidate for State Senate in North Carolina supports DACA.

What are the benefits of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)?

Protects the youth from being placed into removal proceedings and from being removed.

Provides an employment authorization document that allows the youth to work.

Can obtain a Social Security Number.

DACA can be renewed after two years.

In certain states, a DACA-recipient can apply for a state identification card and a driver’s license.

2013 Immigrant Legal Resource Center


Infrastructure Cannot wait & Political Courage

After attending a City Council meeting in Hendersonville this past week, I was reeling with the realization that this small city has a major infrastructure issue.  Hendersonville is not the only place with infrastructure concerns.

We must have the political courage to face this problem head on and develop a plan that protects our water delivery system, modernizes broad band access to serve even the most remote parts of our state, deal with water drainage issues which might help mitigate the dangers of flash flooding in our towns and cities, and upgrade our stressed roads/transportation systems.

I don't believe that our Republican led General Assembly has such courage. They would rather lower taxes to help insure political victories.  

This problem isn't 'sexy.'  But a modern infrastructure does underpin our State's ability to grow economically in a demanding and competitive 21st century environment.

Climate Change and World Conflict

    Climate change is having a dramatic effect on the availability of water in many places on our globe.  I couldn't sleep the other night for worrying about family and complete strangers who were in the path of the super hurricane, Irma. That sleepless night, I watched a TV show that started me thinking about the linkage between climate change, starvation, lack of potable water, shrinkage of important sub-Saharan lakes (as in Darfur/Chad), and the growth of regional unrest, and the huge migration of our human family from continent to continent and country to country.

  In 2016, the UN described the civil conflict in Darfur as the world's first climate change war!

Affordable Housing - a Complicated Matter

For every family, a roof and space to build memories.  Affordable Housing is a complicated matter, one to be discussed seriously, by serious people.

When is enough ... ENOUGH? Judges and Primaries and Power Grabs

If you haven't been paying attention, let me bring you up to date on the latest power grab from our Republican led legislature.  Having failed to get the courts to support their bills, the legislature has realized that a constitutional amendment can fix their little 'integrity' problem.  Basically, they want to appoint judges instead of electing them.  There is one small impediment ... the CONSTITUTION of North Carolina. 

The solution?  Put an amendment to the Constitution on the ballot that will enable them to manipulate the courts while they are in power.

Our intrepid Democrats ... badly outnumbered in a veto proof House and Senate ... will do all they can to stop the Machiavellian power grab, but will likely fall short as Dems don't have the numbers.

As Machiavelli contends, "Power corrupts."  Readers, we will get the power back and we must pledge never to repeat corrupt behavior when we are back in charge of the General Assembly.

Bossert for State Senate
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